Spy X Family Ep11 (Spoiler alert)




Better than average or forming an exception; rare.

  1. Her exceptional situational awareness and instincts have helped her survive in the most hostile environment.
  2. “She must earn merits, known as stella stars, through exceptional academic performance.” —- Loid to himself while teaching Anya.


To fail especially in an examination or course.

  1. “I only flunked this test cuz I read the wrong kid’s mind.” —- Anya to herself while studying idioms.
  2. This course is a really tough one, about 25% of students are flunked every semester.


To earn a high grade on something, such as an exam.

  1. “That way when I cheat, I’ll ace the test every time” —- Anya to herself while pondering the outcomes of exploiting her mind-reading abilities.
  2. He has been studying diligently, with the aim that he can ace the subject one day.


A faculty, power, or principle enjoining good acts.

  1. “Even if volunteering doesn’t pay off anytime soon, it wouldn’t hurt to foster a social conscience in Anya.” —- Loid to himself on the prospects of Anya earning stella stars.
  2. Do you think Jiminy Cricket did a good job as Pinocchio’s conscience?


Deserving of honor or esteem.

  1. “For the meritorious deed of helping to save another’s life, we award this stella to Anya Forger of Cecile Hall.” —- announced the staff at the award ceremony.
  2. During war times, an act seen as meritorious by one side may be condemned as a crime by the opposing side.