“The Power Of Equanimity”




of great importance or significance, especially in having a bearing on future events.

  1. Even though all decisions could be momentous, impactful to the future, we should live in the present for mental health’s sake.
  2. Who would have thought some nonchalant words would transpire a momentous event in the eyes of historians?


calmness or composure, particularly in difficult times; a state of being in control of one’s emotion.

  1. In an era where craziness seems to be the new norm, we should all learn to act in equanimity.
  2. Equanimity is like a magnificent mountain within our minds, unwavering and undisturbed by all seasons.  


To surround or cover something completely.

  1. The villagers escaped death from the fire only to see their houses engulfed in flames.
  2. Like a tiny boat engulfed in floodwaters, the woman indulged her sanity easily carried away by unchecked anger,


To change something into something else completely different and usually better.

  1. One of the most unfathomable myths in the medieval period is that lead could be transmuted into gold.
  2. Fire has the power to engulf, destroy, and transmute substances.


the state of being unable to stop thinking about something or someone, or an unnaturally strong interest in something or someone.

  1. Quitting or removal of fixation on concerns regarding unknownness in the future, is the beginning of mindfulness.
  2. More than too many bad breakups ended up becoming fixation on old grudges.