Spy X Family Ep 4 (Spoiler alert)




the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manners.

  1. “My, this year’s applicants are a solvenly bunch; I doubt they can even spell the word “elegance.”—Henderson scorned elegantly.
  2. “Elegance is what will bring about a better world,” said house master Henderson, “elegance is at the root of tradition.”


very respected and praised because of great importance or great age.

  1. “Such elllllegance!! Only elegance deserves Eden Academy’s hallowed campus!” —Henderson on Loid’s blitz suit changing.
  2. One hallowed core value of Mandarin-speaking culture is filial piety, love for the family.


handwriting; the ability to write neatly and aesthetically.

  1. “Holy ****, that’s some crappy penmanship!” —Eden Academy’s faculty on Anya’s handwriting.
  2. Penmanship is one of those lost arts today; people prefer typing over writing now.


rude and disrespectful, especially towards people who are elderly or in important positions.

  1. “Aren’t you the impudent one, Loid Forger!!!”—Henderson at awe while Loid took the matter of being elegant so far that it almost insulted the test designer.
  2. All well-mannered, even-keeled CEOs might have been impudent rock-and-roll kids in their rebellious youths.


an occasion when many large animals or many people suddenly all move quickly and in an uncontrolled way, usually in the same direction at the same time.

  1. Eden Academy’s finest treat for 1st-time visitors escalated from a fake trapped fatboy spilling dirty sewage water, to raging cows’ stampede.
  2. Soccer fans’ number one cause of death is either stampedes in excitement or stampedes in brawls.