Spy X Family Ep6 (Spoiler alert)




to count or calculate something

  1. “Once all the scores were tallied, Anya Forger landed in the top spot on the waiting list.” – explained master Henderson to the Forgers when they couldn’t find Anya’s name on the accepted students list.
  2. Make sure to keep a tally of the number of customers going in and out.


a physical substance that things can be made from; Ideas or information that are used as a basis for a book, play, or film; used to describe that someone has the qualities or abilities to do a particular job or task

  1. “Stand tall, Forgers. You are indeed Eden Academy material.”  – encouraged master Henderson when Loid expressed doubt about the performance score of their interview
  2. Although he was intelligent, he decided to quit school and pursue a career in stand-up comedy because he felt that he just wasn’t university material.


to recognize or accept something as true; to allow someone to enter a place or join an organization; 

  1. “So we just need one opening for Anya to be admitted?” – asked Yor to master Henderson  
  2. At first he denied doing anything wrong, but later admitted making a mistake.


a hole or space that something or someone can pass through; an available position or job

  1. “I need an opening for my Anya! So I’m asking you to die!” – thought Yor in her imaginary scenario of having to assassinate another student’s parent for the opening
  2. The rabbit escaped through an opening in the fence. 


(of alcohol or another drug) to make someone lose some control of their actions or behaviour:

  1. “I’ve been trained to drink without being intoxicated” – replied Loid to a tipsy Franky when questioned whether or not he was actually drinking 
  2. Loid Forger was forced by the intoxicated Franky into playing a high-budget pretend game with Anya and Yor in order to please Anya after her successful admission to the school.