Spy X Family Ep7 (Spoiler alert)




a person employed to drive for others; the action to drive others to somewhere.

  1. ”I can have my chauffeur pick you up so that we can go to school together.” — Becky Blackbell to Anya Forger in their school front encounter.
  2. A simp much willingly runs errands such as chauffeuring his crush in hopes to get some attention


a small exclusive group of people who bond in their limited social circle.

  1. “Cliques are formed more quickly than thought;” thought Loid Forger, “Anya gotta apologize sooner before the public opinion grows against her!”
  2. High school cliques involve stereotypes like the jocks, brains, anime fans, and more.”


extremely important or urgent; a form of verbs usually used to give commands and orders.

  1. “It is imperative for Anya to realize that she should apologize and fix the relationship with Damian as soon as possible!” —Loid to himself while peeping on the roof.
  2. The retired regional branch manager hasn’t realized that his low popularity among family and friends derives from his habitual use of an imperative tone on daily matters.


a crazy and frightening personality; (as a prefix) of mental and psychological processes; 

e.g. psychosis

  1. “Throwing punches on Day 1 at school? This girl must be a psycho, a murderer.”— rumored fellow preschoolers in Eden Academy.
  2. “Your psychosis is getting worse and might need your eyes examined,” said Michael De Santa on the kidnapped old lady believing in her kidnapper’s “pure intention.”


to refuse to obey a person, decision, law, situation, etc; to be extreme or very strange and therefore impossible to believe, describe, or explain.

  1. “No one has ever dared to defy me, not even Demetrius, my almighty brother!!”— Damian Desmond to himself feeling his bruised cheek.
  2. This chaotic scene went so far it seemed to defy description.