Spy X Family Ep8 (Spoiler alert)




Not excitingly attractive; not glamorous.

  1. “…you need to get close to him, earn his trust, observe him at length. The slow, hard, unglamorous work of a real spy… ” — Loid to himself while reflecting on his methods to teach Anya.
  2. Garbage disposal sounds like an unglamorous line of work, but our health and comfort depends on people who get the job done.


A numerical representation (such as ³/₄, ⁵/₈) indicating the quotient of two numbers.

  1. “I’m sorry about before. Why don’t you watch your show, and then we’ll take another shot at those fractions, okay?” — asked Loid to Anya across her door.
  2. Did you know that according to our fractional reserve banking system, only about one-tenth of your deposit is required by law to be available for withdrawal?


To mend, cover, or fill up a hole or weak spot in something.

  1. “They’re patching their security holes left and right.” — Warned the handler to twilight during their appointment.
  2. I patched up your wound, but you need to avoid scratching it until it fully recovers.


To hold or keep in or as if in custody.

  1. “Jim Hayward? You’re being detained on suspicion of espionage.” — State Security Service officer to the finance section chief at city hall.
  2. He has been harassed and detained by the police several times just because of his special appearance. That’s so unfair.


To adapt or modify for a desired end by alteration or special treatment; to alter deceptively.

  1. “Elaborately doctored photos” — Annotated the author.
  2. People used to say “Seeing is believing”, but with modern photoshopping technology, everything you see on the internet can potentially be doctored.