Spy X Family Ep10 (Spoiler alert)




To walk or talk in a way that shows high confidence, even dominance.

  1. “A lot of swagger, half the size,” Anya’s dodgeball teammate taunted her tininess.
  2. Underneath his bravado and swagger, Damian is sensitive and somewhat fragile. 


A rocket or missile launcher meant for massive destruction and anti-tank battles.

  1. Anya’s childish and supposedly harmless words sometimes knock Damian into pieces like a bazooka missile without her herself knowing it.
  2. This lousy artist didn’t care about his mediocre works attracting critics  bombarding them like bazooka rockets.  


A part on a machine, computer, etc. to control volume of matters; an act or object that slides.

  1. The colonel’s son threw an unpredictable super slider shot that knocked down several of Anya’s teammates in a landslide dodgeball game.
  2. The sound engineer swiftly pulled each of the sliders on the sound board to optimize the volume, tone, and effect balance of the band’s blasting rock and roll music. 


As a noun, the ace card that beats all the other cards; as a verb, to beat down or surpass others.

  1. To turn the table and win the gold star, Anya pulled out her trump card, “Arrow of Light,” a throw of dodgeball so weak it fell to the ground as soon as it left her hand.
  2. The competitor company is working towards a compromise after we launched a sales gimmick that it can’t trump.


One powerful, heavy step that falls hard with noises, sometimes meaning to express anger or frustration.


  1. Both Damian and Anya did their best to stop the rival team from overpowering and stomping all over their own team.
  2. Stomping and shouting surely are helpful when an upset one needs to vent.